Sunday, April 12, 2009

Social Networking

When you raising kids, sometimes it is hard to find the time to search out like-minded moms. And, many of us live miles away from our extended families. In this area, many moms are transplants making them even more isolated. Sometimes connecting with other moms is just not that easy.

This has all changed with the growth of social networking sites on the internet.

On WUSA9 News Now we will be discussing social networking with Elizabeth McConville, Resource Editor at Washington FAMILY Magazine and MLM site manager Niki Dowdell.

Most of the moms reading this will be familiar with Social Networking, but it does not hurt to review this phenomenon.

What is Social Networking?

Social networking actually started as a response to a surge in SPAM in the 1980’s. People pushed back at the clutter of advertising and are now looking for ways to make personal connections.

Sites like DC.MomsLikeMe, Facebook and MySpace, those are cyber communities, places where people of all ages and nationalities can have a place of individuality on the web to share information and pictures, or just connect with other people.

What kind of people are participating in this?

The fastest growing demographic according to Facebook, that is logging on are those that are 35 years old and older. Moms have picked up this trend and are finding it one more way that they can stay connected to the world.

How would a typical person start social networking?

First you set up an account on sites. Then you will enter your profile, personalize your site and also look around in the network for other people with similar interests or that you might have known before and invite them to be a part of your network.

How is it different for moms to participate in social networking?

Moms have the shared experience of motherhood. They might network with other moms for a variety of reasons that many times are unique to motherhood. They would probably talk more about issue related to motherhood.

What sites are out there for moms?
A social site for moms of all ages and stages of motherhood that includes discussions, videos & games.
A local discussion about raising children and more.
Site contains editorial content, expert advice, video testimonials, and a forum community made up of parents. - our local site
Moms Like Me features groups and discussions on all kinds of topics, a place to post pictures and videos, contests, coupons and group calendars.

What these sites have in common is that the discussions and groups are based around the shared experience of motherhood. Moms share information, set up play dates, or share resources.

What kinds of discussions will you find online?
On there have been some very interesting discussions lately including should your 15 year old wear a thong, potty training and summer camps.

Is it dangerous to participate in social networking?

With every site one has to be cautious about what personal information they are putting up on the web. Online predators and identify theft are a concern of social networking sites. Each site has privacy settings that you can maintain yourself. You can allow everyone to see your profile or you can restrict the amount of people who have access. In this world of growing technology it doesn’t hurt to be cautious.

What do you think about social networking? Have you found it be valuable or enjoyable? Tell us what you think.

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