Monday, June 8, 2009

Father's Day Crafts

This morning on WUSA 9 News Now, Annette Cooper, managing editor of FAMILY Magazine and Peggy Fox discussed gifts for Father’s Day.
Before we getting started on these great Father’s Day ideas I want to let everyone know that we will be hosting our next Moms Do Lunch event, sponsored by, Wash FM and FAMILY Magazine on June 11 in Sterling at the Loudoun Gymnastics Center. We will have a light lunch so moms and kids can come, network. We will have a short discussion about choosing a preschool. You can get more information inside the Moms Do Lunch Group on
With Father’s Day right around the corner children (or moms) everywhere are asking the same question, “What should I get dad?” Special tables are even set up in store entrances geared towards Father’s Day presents. But the perfect Father’s Day gift may not need to be purchased in the store. Sometimes the best gift you can give your dad is something that you make yourself.

I know how hard it can be to find the perfect gift for your dad. I struggle with this every year. Annette told Peggy that when she asked her dad what some of his favorite Father’s Day presents have been it was the ones she made herself. I love to give handmade gifts because they mean more to me and the person I am giving them to. So Annette had a few craft ideas that any child could make for their dad.

Here is what Annette had to say:

Make a card –
This is one of the easiest long lasting gifts you can make for your dad. I like to take an activity that my dad and I enjoy doing together and use it to make my Father’s Day card. One of the things my dad and I like to do is watch baseball or go to baseball games. One of the memories I have from growing up is going to a St. Louis Cardinals game with my family. I’ll never forget the experience. So to honor this memory and many others like it I have designed a card with a baseball theme.

Make a coupon book –
Another fun idea is to make your dad a coupon book. I’ve gone to a local craft store and found a wooden clipboard but you can use anything including just cutting up paper and punching a hole in it and tying it with a ribbon. Then I cut up some cardstock in different colors and wrote a few coupons to my dad, which he can “cash in” whenever he wants. The nice thing about this idea is that you can decorate the wooden clipboard to personalize it and also write some nice things about your dad. This is something he can keep forever. If you didn’t want to do coupons you could write the top ten reasons you love your dad. There are really endless possibilities.

Dou you have a favorite craft for your dad? Is there a gift you have given him in the past that he loved or appreciated? Let us know. We will share them with other moms.

Have a great Monday!


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