Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School Crafts

It’s that time of the year again, back-to-school time. Parents all over the area are getting their kids ready with clothes, books and supplies. This can be a crazy time for both parents and children. To ease children back into school why not make their supplies personal and fun?

This morning on WUSA9 Peggy Fox and I talked about how to make personalized pencil cases and book covers is Liz McConville, Resource Editor of Washington FAMILY Magazine.

Today we talked about two easy crafts that parents can do with their kids to get them excited about the coming year.

First, we have pencil cases to decorate. What you will need are pencil cases, foam letter stickers and scrapbook stickers. There is a vast selection at any craft store.

The second craft we have are book covers. Now you can go out and buy book covers for your kids, however some schools don’t accept the stretchy kind of cover. You can also make these right at home using paper bags from the grocery stores, which would be a great green alternative. You will need a pair of scissors, tape, any kind of decorations, along with a paper grocery bag.

Cut grocery bag at seams so it is one big piece of paper. Lay down your book on the brown paper. Allow for 2 1/2 inches more at the top & bottom of book. Open the book. Place the inside front cover 2-3 inches from the edge of the paper. Fold over cover and close your book, pull it tight. Cut other side 2-3 inches from the book. Open the book leaving the back cover down. Fold the paper into the back cover and close the book.

Crease the edges around the book. Crease where the spine of the book is and bend the paper down where the edge of the book is. Place your scissors at the edges of the spine until the blade touches the edge of the book. Bend up the flap and cut it off. Bend the remaining flaps out and mark where you are going to fold and tape. Cut off inside extra flap. Open the front cover. The top and bottom flaps get folded down while the left flaps get taped on top. Tape only one side at a time. Repeat the final step with the back cover.

Back-to-School is a great time for fresh beginnings and these simple crafts will help you and your child get organized and ready for a happy and successful school year!

Happy Parenting, Brenda

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