Monday, April 12, 2010

National Enviromential Education Week

This is National Enviromential Education Week. Going green not only helps the enviroment it also teaches children to understand that they are in charge of their actions. And when kids act responsibilly that has a positive impact in our families and communities.

One of the easiest ways to educate children on enviromential issues is by focusing on water conservation especailly since so much of American water sources are stressed.

This morning, Jolie Perara, Marketing Maganger for FAMILY Magazine was on WUSA9 News Now with Peggy Fox discussing family-friendly water conservation.

Water Conservation is simple and kid-friendly.

1. Turn the water off when you are brushing you teeth, saving 25 gallons a month.
2. Wash your fruits and vegetables in a pan of water instead of running water from the tap, then reuse the water to water houseplants.
3. Keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator instead of running the tap to get cold water.
4. Limit the amount of bottled waters you consume because it takes 3 liters of water to produce I liter of bottled water.
5. If your dishwasher is new, cut back on rinsing. Newer models clean more thoroughly than older ones.

Conservation teaches kids to understand that we have a responsibility to each other and that we all are in charge of our own actions.

How do you teach children about protecting our environment? Do you have “Green” activities around your home? Please share your families tips and ideas with us online.

Happy Parenting,

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