Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to FAMILY Magazine

It is once again FAMILY Magazine’s Birthday! Just like a parent watching a child grow up, it is hard to believe that so much time has passed since we started FAMILY Magazine in the basement of my home. This year marks the 20th year for our publication and it has been a fantastic journey so far. This has been a team effort, and I have been fortunate to have some GREAT team members along the way. Thanks to all who have worked with and supported FAMILY Magazine.

All year long we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary. I certainly hope you are participating in the great contests every month on Facebook. So far, we have given away $600 in cash and a terrific digital camera. This month we are giving away CASH again, but in a more fun way.

We are having a party! And at the party we will be passing out CASH. What fun! But to find out about the party – where and when – you have to fan us on Facebook. And to get the secret code to win some money, you have to be signed up for our eNewsletter. This is going to be a sort of a scavenger hunt for the cash!

TO MAKE IT EVEN MORE FUN, the more people who fan us on Facebook, the more cash we will give out. So sign up NOW, have your friends sign up, and be sure to come to the party. Find us at We will be sharing the details with our fans. And, watch our eNewsletter for clues on where the party will be.

Although April is going to be a very fun month for all of us at FAMILY Magazine, I have some personal sadness I want to share so you can all send positive thoughts my way. If you were a reader of FAMILY Magazine in the past, you know that my son, BJ, has been on 2 deployments to the Middle East. In 2008, he celebrated his birthday in Iraq. That year I baked angel food cakes and shipped them over to him. This is a picture is BJ celebrating with his cakes. Our traditional family birthday cake is an angel food cake with vanilla icing. The icing recipe is the same one we use for our annual Christmas cookies and belonged to my husband’s grandmother.

Sadly for me (although he is excited), BJ is shipping out to the mountains of Afghanistan in June. He will be spending his birthday this April training for his third deployment. I will be able to spend 4 days with BJ on Mother’s Day. I am really looking forward to some personal time with him before he leaves.

On April 30, his birthday, please send your positive thoughts to BJ. And, if you are a long time reader of FAMILY Magazine, you will remember that BJ loves vanilla birthday cakes, so send him your thoughts in vanilla! I know he will want to share his birthday cakes with his team, so I am already planning how I will ship several cakes to him this year while they are training for their deployment. At least he won’t have to worry about getting sand in the icing this year.

Happy Parenting, Brenda

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