Saturday, April 23, 2011

Family Magazine Trivia #4

FAMILY Magazine 20th Anniversary Trivia

The very first printed issue of FAMILY Magazine was the April 1992 issue. It was printed the end of March at a printing company in Silver Spring, Maryland. We had 26 advertisers. Over the next 20 years we have printed 18,704,000 copies of FAMILY Magazine, and have had over 48,000 advertisers. We have printed over 800 guides and resource lists. There have been 18 Best for Families surveys. We have sales people who have moved to locations all over the United States and now work for other parenting publications. This is a great job if you are a mom!

Over the years there have been 24 babies born to our employees (our family), many of these while working for FAMILY Magazine. Our most recent addition was a beautiful baby girl born to Annette Cooper who now lives in New York City.

When we first started FAMILY, we only sold print advertising. It was simple, buy an advertisement and be in front of the moms who read our printed magazine. Now, in addition to print advertising, we sell a completely integrated marketing plan that contains many different tools to help companies communicate with moms who are interested in getting the best for their family. We sell online advertisements, Web Tags with landing pages, blog sponsorships, coupons, eBlasts, contest sponsorships and a whole range of tools for social networking. The advertising world has changed and we have been leading the way with every change in technology.

We were the very first publication in this region to have Microsoft Web Tags that made our print magazine interactive. In fact, USA Today did not launch their Web Tag features until February of this year. We have been utilizing them since July of last year. Look for these fun tools throughout the magazine.

Time has flown since that first year, and a great deal has happened. FAMILY Magazine continues to work to be there as a great resource for parents in the Washington region. We sincerely appreciate all our readers and all our advertisers. They are the reason we are here, and it has been a whole lot of fun!

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