Friday, March 29, 2013

Are you disciplined? - a Guest Blog

Every so often one of my friends and business associates writes something that I find extremely helpful or enjoyable.  Today I asked Judy Freeman, a business coach with Action Coach to share her recent eBlast.  If you would like to sign up for Judy’s weekly tips, there is a link at the end of this article or just click here.

Guest Blog by Judy Freeman
Are you disciplined?

This winter, I have been very involved in my daughter's High School swimming career. We have attended meets up and down the East Coast. I meet athletes and parents from many schools and towns. There is a common trait of all the key performers: discipline!

The athletes who continue to improve, train and excel aren't necessarily the most talented athletes. Rather, they are the ones who want it the most. They are disciplined in their training schedule, they commit to their rituals, do what the coaches ask and eat healthy. In all cases, the athletes have a supportive family, coach and school to keep them on track.

Well, how does this discipline relate to business?

The most successful business people are also well disciplined. They keep their commitments, stay focused and have a road map for their career. They are willing to go the extra mile to get the results that they want to achieve. They work hard and stay disciplined even when they could take the easy way out.

Here are some specific traits that I see amongst disciplined professionals:

--   Do what they say and meet their commitments. They don't miss deadlines or make excuses of why things don't get done. Rather, they can be counted on to get the job done!

--    Passionate about their work and life. They are energetic and optimistic about enjoying their journey. They stay on track so that they feel good about their accomplishments.

--    Masters of time management so that they focus on what's most important to them. They are willing to say no or walk away from things that are bad for them.

--    Work and life balance so that they stay healthy. They look at their total being and make sure that they are balanced in all areas of their life.

--    Look at the long-term picture by realizing that they may need to invest time and money now to get their best result later. For example, they may go to the gym, eat right, study late or help a friend. They may prefer to be doing something different at that moment. Yet, they will be disciplined to make good decisions for their life, health and relationships.

What do you see as solid disciplines? Do you see discipline as being important to business success?

If you need more discipline in your business, coaching may be the right tool for you. Contact me at or 703-627-2745 for a free coaching session. Look forward to chatting with you!

Judy Freeman

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