Sunday, November 16, 2014

Back in the Sand Box

I am finally back in Bahrain, “the sand box” as D puts it.

Unfortunately for me, this time I don’t seem to be flawlessly flowing back into Bahrain time.  I have spent 3 nights awake when I should have been asleep.

Before you send me an email with all the tricks on how to avoid jet lag, I have already tried them all.  REALLY!

In Florida, I was decorating and getting a condo ready so D and I can stay there. Our lovely daughter BSB is expecting a baby the end of January or beginning of February.  I am planning on being there from Christmas until the end of February so we decided to purchase a condo on the East Coast of Florida.
Hopefully this is the last bathroom I will paint myself.  Not fun, but the color turned out awesome! I am taking my own picture in the mirror. This picture will be used to remind myself why I need to make sure I have the hired painter putting on the right color.
The decorating was work, but visiting with BSB was GREAT FUN.  We shopped, talked and took pictures of “the bump.”
The little bump!

My camel toy and Randy's first toy, the turtle.  They were having a lot of fun.   LOL
Brittany researched stroller's for a couple of months before selecting this one.
Our grandchild's first camouflage. He will be all ready to go hunting with Dad.
For me one special part of the trip was being there on Halloween. I have not been around large groups of kids on Halloween since we built a house in the woods and BSB went off to college. It was great fun this year.
This looks crazy, however it was even more crazy than it appears.  
On the airplane trip back to the ME, I had a very surprising sunset shot out the window of the airplane.  As we were going over Kuwait, the sun was setting with a blaze of color on the horizon.  It is not an excellent quality photo, but something I will always remember.

My flight path returning home went right over Kuwait.
The most unusual sunset shot I have made.
So, I am back in the saddle.  Hot breakfast every morning for D and healthy meals every night.  Last night I cooked my first lamb.  It was not difficult but I think I will try a different recipe next time.  This one was with pomegranate and a bit sweet for our taste.  
My first try at cooking lamb.

You never know, I might become a cook yet. . . Ah, no way. Just not in my DNA.



Added treat for you, here is the first sunset at our new condo that is on the East Coast of the US.  Not bad.

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