Wednesday, June 10, 2015

First Book Given

Giving away the first copy of the Anniversary book was like giving away my first child. I had the special honor to personally give away the first copy 40th Anniversary Book at a Special Olympics event held at the Bahrain National Stadium. AWA has been sponsoring this Special Olympics event for many, many years.

I keep wondering if people who look at this book will enjoy the pictures as much as I do?

Will they be touched by the stories from other women about the impact AWA has had in their lives?

Will they realize the depth of the contribution AWA has made to Bahrain?

I have this urge to tell people who receive a copy they should think about how much all the images really say. They should see in these images the wonderful ladies that have been so much a part of Bahrain through AWA for the past 40 years.

The AWA cheering section was all lined up and ready to go.

Here we are having a great time getting ready for the awards.

DR was shy. Everytime we met I asked for a photo and she always hesitated. I snapped this one really quick so she could not protest.

DR, the longest standing member of AWA received the first book I tenderly wrapped for distribution to the world.  I know DR will appreciate our work and all the history compiled inside the book because she is such an important element in that history.  Without her help, we could not have pulled together all the information and photos showing the contribution AWA made in those early years to Bahrain.

Here is DR helping one of the athletes in a race.

DR is also a significant contributor to these efforts. She was the driving force that initially organized Special Olympics in Bahrain. She is a truly amazing woman. I am honored to have met her.

DR receiving a copy of the book along with members of AWA and Special Olympics.
Along with sharing the book with DR and the Special Olympics organization, the event was very touching.  I was honored to be asked to hand out the awards to some of the special athletes. Parents even asked for my picture with their child. I could have cried I was so moved by their kindness and love.

Some officers from the US Naval Base also came along to lend a helping hand. (The AWA Newsline editor is married to the young man in the white shirt - they just announced they are expecting their first child. CONGRATS!)

I could not help myself. I had to take a selfie with the Navy guys.  WaHOO!
The children loved the navy guys. They really beamed when they were lucky enough to have one assigned to help them. At the end, the navy officers also gave out some of the awards. They really made a great contribution to the event.

Right after we released the book, I sent a copy to a friend who helped me significantly when I first moved to Bahrain. CC was an important element in the success of our move here and she was the first person to connect me with AWA.  Here's what she wrote to me after she received the book.

Dear Brenda,

Thank you for the book! I am just starting to go through it. It is so well done. I am enjoying seeing so many good friends and acquaintances.

It seems like you have jumped in full speed. What memories we will all have. I am hoping that other former AWA members can somehow get a copy. I feel so lucky! I even see myself in several photos.

I am off to Halifax on Tuesday to see our oldest daughter and her husband. I wish M could go along, but you know, work is never ending.

We have started receiving requests from past members outside of Bahrain. I guess we will have to set up a system for shipping.  Sounds like a fun activity. I think I will volunteer.  :-)

So the book is on it’s way into the community. I am both proud and happy that it is complete. I hope it is enjoyed for many years to come.


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