Monday, February 8, 2016

Glamour, Glitz and Paparazzi in Bahrain

A Night at the Oscars!

It was the perfect theme for the recent American Women’s Association Ball.  Glitz, glamour, paparazzi, and a night filled dancing with the stars.

I volunteered to be on the planning committee for the ball but right in the middle of it all, I left Bahrain and went back to the United States for the holidays.

Every time I saw a text go by in the “AWA Ball Group” on WhatsApp I felt stabbing pains of guilt.  One time I looked at my phone and there had been 238 text messages in the group in a little over 20 minutes. They were working hard....or chatting.  LOL

Here I was in the States having the time of my life playing with little baby LW and they were working away trying to decide on venue, food, wine, flowers, decorations, the band, selling tickets (huge job), the DJ and all the other thousands of details.

Oh well, we all have to choose our priorities.  I would just have to work hard when I got back to make sure I did everything I could to help out.

I would like to thank the committee by name for the fantastic job, but you know me - no names in the blog! A BIG THANKS to LW, CW, TP, DW, DR, KH, and SK.

I arrived back in Bahrain on Wednesday about midnight. The time difference is 8 hours so my days and nights were mixed up. The Ball was on Friday.

Whew!  I just needed to push through it.

The evening was fantastic, even better than I could have ever imagined. The committee did an unbelievably good job.

KH is not pictured here because during all the planning, she had a baby!  WhoHoo! Pictured here (left to right) is TP, me, DR, LW, CW and DW. SK is also not pictured as she had to leave Bahrain before the Ball.

My assignment was to greet all the “celebrities” as they arrived.  Everyone was a celebrity and it was just the most fun.

Our Ball made the local papers.  I am on the far left with the Ambassador and his wife, AR.
So with microphone in hand (champagne in my other hand), DW and Hubby D snapping photos with flashes, we were the paparazzi as everyone arrived on the red carpet.

“Welcome, aren’t you a beautiful couple.”
“Tell me about your dress.”
“These are amazing jewels. Are they special?”
“I hear you have been nominated for an Oscar.”
“Remember to keep your acceptance speech short.”

It was so much fun and everyone played along. I saw some fantastic dresses, drop dead jewelry and heard the wildest stories.

“This is my fifth nomination but I am not expecting to win.”
“The jewels are from DeBeers.” Wait, that was true! (And, they were beautiful!)
“This is from the private collection of Ralph Lauren.”
“Mine is vintage blue fox.”

I think people really enjoyed playing along with the theme.

American Ambassador Roebuck and his celebrity wife, AB arrived in style.
I felt really special interviewing them! Is this cool or what?
DR, the President of AWA wore jewels from De Beers. They were stunning.
It was definitely a star studded evening.

Everyone adopted the spirit of the evening by making a dramatic entrance. There were some really beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen!

Dinner was great – the food 100% better than expected.  The wine flowed freely and our table was stunning. Right smack dab in the middle was an Oscar. I loved it!

The band was not as good as I would have wanted, but we danced and danced anyway.  There was plenty of music for every taste.

A great big thank you to all the sponsors and those that contributed to the glamorous evening.  We have to do this again!

          A Big Round of Applause of Thanks
Sawsa • SEEN by Sawsan
Noora • Fashionita
Nahla • Nahla’s Style
Nariman • NS Design
Mariam • Sweet Lady
Hala • Hala’s Accessories
Suad • Season’s 365
Rocio • Mongo
Nahed • Sugar Lily
Hawra • Hazel Store
Maysoun • Belarabi Ahla
Huweida • HS Design’z

          A Very Special Thanks to the Following
          for Sponsoring Our Star Studded Door Prizes
De Beers Jewelery
Haute Cupcakes
Live Healthy
Showcase 101
Rosita Rafallo with Filipino Life Magazine

Here I am presenting the Oscar for the Best Supporting Husband to D, of course!

Hubby D and I had a great time. We love to dance no matter where or when but this was special.

And, it was so much fun to be Paparazzi for an evening.  Reminded me of my days with Washington FAMILY Magazine doing video interviews with Camp Fair Vendors.  Goodness, what a memory!


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