Sunday, April 24, 2016

Happy but Sad Party in Bahrain

Sometimes you are involved with something and you think, "That was great."

Last Friday night was one of those times.

Hubby D decided he wanted to give his friend and business partner, SW a going away party. 

Here in the Bahrain, you have a contract and agree to stay for a specific time.  After that time is up, you have the choice to go back to the United States or perhaps take a different assignment.

SW and DW in Jordan on one of our adventures together.
SW has completed his time here and he is going back to Texas.  We are all very (VERY) sad to see hm and his wife, DW leave. But we understand.  Working and living in the Middle East is very difficult.  They have family including elderly parents in the States and it is time for them to go back.

DW has been a very good friend  to me and we have shared so many adventures together. It is a really hard for me to see her leave!
DW and I took this selfie at the Treasury in Petra.
Hubby D insisted we do something really special to show SW how much he is appreciated for all he has done and for all the hard, hard work he has put in while he has been here. SW really made an impact on the business and has been a wonderful mentor to so many architects and engineers.

I asked OO in Hubby D's office to give me some help and I went to work planning an event to honor SW. (THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, OO!)

Hubby D and I hosted the party at Cafe Amsterdam in the Adliya area of Manama. Our gathering was in the garden area with our own private bar and the top bartender for the restaurant providing drinks. The bartender even invented a special welcome drink for us.

The disk jockey's stand was sponsored by our favorite cocktail so I knew it was going to be a fun evening.
Shirley Temples for everyone! Or, maybe not.
The food flowed as freely as the drinks. And, WOW was it good. 

The friends who attended came from the oil and gas division as well as the buildings and infrastructure. There were several nationalities as well. Bahrain is a global community and it is very much reflected in our friends here.

About 40 of SW's fellow architects and engineers came to wish him well. We even had a few of their kids along. It was wonderful to all be together and to let SW know how much he and DW will be missed.

SW created his own slide presentation with some of his favorite memories. It was just hilarious (and embarrassing).
Everyone was focused on the slides as SW spun his stories.
Some of the slides were funnier than others.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), the wine kept me from taking too many photographs.
Cigars came out towards the end of the evening.
The evening continued into the night and we finished it off at our flat with one more toast to SW and DW.

Although they won't really be leaving Bahrain for a couple more weeks, the party really made us feel like it was true and they would be gone before long. It is so hard to accept that.

SW, thanks for all you have done while you have been in the Middle East. The leadership you have shown these young architects and engineers will continue to lead them for the rest of their careers.

Hubby D arranged for a framed dagger to give to SW in honor of his time in the Middle East. It was stunning. The inscription reads, "Thanks for your great efforts and participation in building the B and I practice in Saudi Arabia. Best regards and wishes, Saudi Arabia - 2016"
And, thanks for your friendship, SW. The trips and adventures we have had with you have enriched our lives beyond description. We will remember each one with a positive warm glow in our hearts.

May you and DW have many more adventures. Hopefully we can share some with you along the way.


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