Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Happy Trails to You Until We Meet Again

I am showing my Oklahoma background -- Roy Rogers and Dale Evans used to sing this song years and years ago. Do you remember the tune? It is very catchy.

Happy trails to you until we meet again.
Happy trails to you, keep smiling until then.
Happy trails to you
'til we meet

This is a very sad but also happy time.  My good friend and partner in many of my adventures over the past two years, DW is headed back to the United States. Their flight departed Bahrain at 11 PM (23 for you military types) last night. They should be laying over in Germany as I publish this blog.

DW and her husband, SW have been a big part of many of these blogs.  They even live right across the hall from us in the building where our flat is located.

Many a night we have ended up in their flat or with them in our flat, enjoying cocktails, dinner and cigars out on the deck. More times than I can count, we have shared dinner on the spare of the moment or shared the charcoal grill to make delicious meats that remind us of home.

SW has finished his assignment in Bahrain and is headed back to Houston, Texas so DW is on her way back to the United States.

Their official departure date is not until later in May but their youngest daughter graduates from college so they are off early to go and celebrate a new chapter in their family life.

To say I will miss DW is by far a very, very BIG under statement.  I will miss her so much it actually really does hurt.
This photo was taken at the Ritz.  DW enjoyed the Ritz and took advantage of many great activities there.
When I found out that they would be heading back home, I started working on a book to give DW. The book contains memories of Bahrain and all of her adventures here as well as the many trips we have taken together throughout the Middle East.

I loved pulling all the memories together. I even reached out to friends of hers for additional photos that I would not have.  The book represents memories from friends representing 15 countries.

Some friends are still here in Bahrain and some friends have already gone to other far-flung parts of the world.  We all worked together to make this fun record of DW’s adventure in the Middle East.

To celebrate SW’s great strides in the ME, Hubby D threw him a big farewell party. It was fantastic and a real celebration of SW's achievements and many friendships formed here.

There were numerous coffees, luncheons and announcements at the AWA meetings wishing DW safe travels and more future memories. We will all miss her very much.

A special party at the Ambassador's Residence could not have come at a better time.  For us, it was a great way to send DW back to the United States in American style.

Craft Group made a special shovel for DW.
Sad? Yes, but happy to have experienced it all.

Even the bunnies in Bahrain will miss DW.
A few final walks at the Ritz yielded some new shadows and flowers.

My perspective on nature has changed because of DW. THANK YOU!

Finally as the day approached for DW to put her suitcase on the conveyer at the airport, we had one final party together with many of our AWA friends.

DW – don’t forget us (not that you could, LOL).  We will miss you and you will always be in our hearts and minds.

Every time I see a plant that I do not know the name of or experience a new restaurant, I will have memories of you.  Your response was always, “Oh, let’s do it.”

Every time I see a camel or feel the hot wind whip by, you will be in my thoughts. You never let the heat get you down; you carried water and said it was better than the cold.

Each time I pick out an outfit to wear to an AWA meeting, I will think, “What would DW wear?  How would she accessorize this?” You never found a scarf that wasn’t “just lovely.”

Each time I see a stray or lost animal, I will feel guilty for not taking care of them because I know you would have. Everywhere we went you found someone or something to take care of.

Every time I have a difficulty I think I cannot overcome, I will remember you and your optimistic outlook on even the hardest problems. “It is what it is.”
Even the bunnies in Bahrain will miss DW.

Some of the Rasafa staff stayed late last night to help load up DW and SW.  Here we are with the elevator completely full of suite cases.
They packed the taxi to the top.
The last view of the tail lights on the taxi.  Elvis (oh, I mean DW) has left the building.

Dearest sweet DW,

Thanks for sharing this great adventure in Bahrain with me. Our friendship has made this experience more than just fun.

You helped me take the challenges that come along with being an expat and change them into rewarding memories filled with rich life experiences.

Thank you so much. May your adventure continue with many, many more great memories.  And, may we meet again soon (and often).


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