Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Perfect Souvenir

Today I made a trip into the heart of Manama to have my visa extended.  Every four weeks I must get a new visa.  Cost today was 60BD.  BD=2.36 US$.

When I apply for my Igama (a Saudi visa that lasts a long time) I won't have to do this every 4 weeks.  I am sure I will blog about that experience.

However, today in Manama I decided to do a bit of window shopping for an abaya.  This is the dress that muslim women wear.  I will need to have one when I apply for my Saudi Arabia Igama.

While I was shopping, I discovered the PERFECT souvenir to take home from Bahrain.  Arab salt and pepper shakers.

If you have been to my house, you know I have a small collection of salt and pepper shakers.  I have some antiques and a few novelty shakers.  These will be the perfect addition to the collection!

They even have the woman correct.  All the muslim ladies carry a purse on their arm just like the pepper shaker.  And, they all have heavy eye makeup as well.  It is just too perfect!

Aren't they cute?



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