Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Baby Looks Like Randy

Had a great email early this morning.  Brittany had another sonagram and Baby Bowlin is doing great.  The pictures are so cute.

Baby Bowlin looks just like his daddy, Randy.  Don't you think?

I am going to start a "Delivery Date" contest.  Want to participate? (or have a better idea?)

Winner has bragging rights for guessing the "D Day" (delivery day).  Cost is $5 for each date you enter and we are sending all the entry fees to the Baby Bowlin fund in care of Brittany in Sebastian.

Official rules (Brenda's rules) are that your day is not secured until the bet is received by the Bowlin family. Only one bet per day and all bets are final.....LOL

However multiple bets for more than one day are allowed at $5 each day.

This was taken on the day Brittany was born.
The proud daddy, Doug and Brittany just minutes after her arrival.
Let me know if you want to join in the competition.  Should be fun..... of course Brittany was 2 weeks late when she was born so I am betting on February 3.

I really want the little guy to be on time so I can spend more time with him (I will be in Florida until Febrary 25) but my gut says he will be having so much fun beating up on his mommy he won't be in a big hurry to come out into the cold world. Hope I am wrong!

When we get closer to "D Day" I will start giving out information to keep all the contestants informed.
Brittany with Grandpa Don and Grandma Tudy in Newton, Kansas
Actual due date is January 20.  Grandpa Don has already taken January 12 as the day he is betting on.  That is his birthday!  That would be a hoot.

Let me know your dates!

Cheers, Brenda

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