Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pollice Blockade

A couple of days ago, at 6AM when Doug and I came out of the Ritz Health Club after our workout there were police cars blocking the roads leading up to our flat.

On one street there were tanks as well as police officers.

Helicopter over the skyline of Manama.
I was curious and maybe a bit alarmed.  However, there were no helicopters overhead.  I have been told that when there is trouble, there will be helicopters.

After the short 3-minute walk home, I immediately grabbed my phone and went to take a picture.  As I was leaving the flat, Doug yelled after me, "Remember, you are in a foreign country. Don't make anyone mad."

I thought about that all the way down to the parking lot to take my picture.  Would they be upset I was shooting a picture of a police car with it's lights flashing?  I hoped not because I wanted a picture.  I felt like a reporter for CNN in a foreign country shooting to send footage back to the States... LOL

I took the shot, no one paid any attention to me and I safely returned to our flat to cook breakfast.

Gate to the Ritz with a military vehicle and flashing blue lights.
Later on in the day I read in the Bahrain newspaper that a group of Saudi high level dignitaries would be meeting that day with the HRH the King of Bahrain.  Apparently they spent the night at the Ritz.  It is definitely one of the best hotels in the country.  A friend (her husband works with Doug) told me she saw a long convoy of big black cars with a military escort arrive the night before.

So I don't have any problems to report, only big wigs arriving to do business in Bahrain.  Drats.

Cheers, Brenda

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