Saturday, July 4, 2015

Becoming a Party Animal

Whew! What a day it was yesterday.

The American flag was proudly on display inside the compound.
I have to admit, I had a fun day.

First we had this absolutely unbelievable cook out at DT and KT house and then I attended a Ghagba as a special guest of a good friend from AWA.

It was nearly 3AM when I finally pulled the covers over my head. Then at 6AM hubbie D woke me up so I could fix his breakfast. Now I am busy planning a dinner party for 10 to be held in our flat this evening.

No rest for the wicked.

The Fourth of July is always fun no matter where we are but yesterday was exceptionally fun because we shared our celebration with a group of about 25 American Expats here in Bahrain. You really can not appreciate the freedom you have as an American until you have lived outside the United States.

Sometimes Americans take our freedoms for granted. Most people don't have a fraction of the freedom we enjoy in the States. I am incredibly thankful that I was born an American.

ES cooked the most wonderful brisket. We had steaks, ribs, chicken, wings, hamburgers and hotdogs - I might have missed some - there was soooooo much. It was overwhelming.
We all tried to help the cooks with quality control.
Even those sitting out by the pool were in on the action of sampling off the grill.
There was plenty of action inside as well.
Not to worry, we ate our vegetables, too.
We also celebrated a birthday and a new wedding! It was a great party.
The birthday girl (29 again?) complete with flaming candle.
The newly wed couple.

After the great food and fabulous company, I was off to a Ghabga (party held after Iftar and generally late at night) and fashion show hosted by the International Ladies Association.  The event was under the patronage of Her Highness Shaikha Thajba Bint Salman Alkhalifa Wife of His Excellency Sheikh Salman Bin Abdalla Alkhalifa.

When the invitation arrived I only saw the side written Arabic.  I thought I was in trouble until I happen to turn it over.  Whew!

This was a special Ghabga for ladies only. D shot this quick photo of me all dressed up in my new silk jellaliya and running out the door as the car waited in the drive. I barely made it. However in my defense, the driver was 15 minutes early.

All dressed up running out the door because the car is waiting for me.

The Ghabga started at 9:30 and the Shaikha did not arrive until almost 11:30. The fashion show was wonderful and around 1AM we finally had a bite to eat.

Our group looked lovely.
Our table sign was elegant.
We started the evening with wonderful tea.
The head table with this great lamp. I have got to find one of these to take home.
Lantern decor on the stage.
Fashion runway across from the head table.
Sweets in beautiful containers at the head table.
I thought this was a lantern, but on close review, it held sweets.

R from AWA was also there. 
Our hostess, LAW at our table.

The Shaikha was swarmed when she arrived
The Shaikha walking in - she is the one with the black wrap.
The Shaikha barely made it past our table before she was swarmed again.
As we were waiting for the Shaikha to settled in with her tea and sweets, the hotel started playing loud Arabic music and everyone at our table started swaying along.  It was cute.

If you are reading this blog in an email, you will need to go to my blog page to view this video.

It was another experience to put in my memory book. The camaraderie with fellow Americans made me feel so very "at home." Later the special evening was also very wonderful and I loved all the beautiful dresses.

I would say that this July 4th will go down as one of the more unusual ones for my lifetime.

Here is hubby D enjoying his 4th of July hot dog.  He is such the quintessential American.

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