Saturday, July 4, 2015

LW Has Gained His Independence

Guess what?  LW rolled over.

Watch out - he is free!

Maybe not complete independence for LW but a big "roll" in that direction.

His mommy is in trouble now because he is becoming mobile. It will only be a short time before the tummy comes up and the knees start coordinating with his arms and he starts to explore the world.

Once a baby starts becoming mobile your world changes.

When LW's mom, BHB was a baby she would rock back and forth up on her knees. Hubbie D said she looked like she was getting ready to take off.

Of course, once she discovered how to move forward on all fours she did take off and she hasn't stopped moving ever since.

LW is the cutest little guy right now and I love these videos.

If you are reading this blog in an email, unfortunately you will have to go to my blog page to watch the video.


LW is wearing his "First Fourth of July" shirt. Mommy and baby are just the cutest couple!

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