Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day 5 Sailing in the Seychelles

Praslin Island
Baie St Anne Port
S04 21' 03"  E55 45' 20"

This morning our breakfast was a bit less complicated, help yourself to cereal or yogurt with some of our fantastic local bananas.

Most of the small print on the labels was in Arabic.
Many local bananas were consumed during the trip. They were wonderful.
KT trying to finish off some of the 30 eggs.
NS in the kitchen nook.
ES, our First Mate was diligent with the log book.
DT, our Purser kept the financials up to date every day.
I did not get to have my picture taken very often so when this chance came up, I jumped at it. We almost match the water.

The day started bright and warm. We were all getting into the rhythm of sailing. Today we traveled from Baie St Anne to La Digue Island. We were going to visit the Ste Anne Marine National Park.

Here is a picture of our permit for one of the National Parks.  I am including it in this blog for a couple of my family members that work for these types of organizations.  DM and RB - We had fees to pay at each mooring and for most of the Islands we visited.

Log Notes:
Engine started 10:00 AM
Depart 10:06 AM
Arrive 11:00 AM
Cut Engine 11:20
(I guess it took a while to get the anchor in place.)

La Dique Harbor
S04 22' 5.61"  E55 49' 34"

The beaches in the National Park were beyond stunning.  They were breath-taking!

While in the town, we had to ride bikes. There were very few motorized vehicles.
School was just getting out when we rode past the church.

There were several artist studios and galleries in the area. Most were very primitive styles.
We came across several boat shops as we rode down the road towards the  Ste Anne Marine National Park.

At last we arrived at the park. We were in for a surprise when we reached the beach.

DW and SW chose this spot for a portrait. It was lovely.
There was a beautiful vanilla orchard.
They also grew nutmeg. These are the beans drying.


During the trip, DW took pictures of her college ring to send back to the alumni association. This was taken on the granite boulders on the beach.

We were in awe of the majesty of the boulders and golden sand with the turquoise sea beyond. The sight really was overwhelming.

On our bike ride back to the boat, we stopped at a seaside restaurant, Fishtrap for drinks and to watch the sunset. It was a good choice as our boat did not have a western view. We ended up staying for dinner.

During the evening I visited the ladies room.  I walked by the bar where a gorgeous wood carved wine rack sat. I ask the manager if he knew where they purchased the rack. He did not know.  Little did I know but that rack would enter my life again later.

Sunset with SW's fisheye lense.

The sunset from the Fishtrap beach was  a beautiful conclusion to a spectacular day in a breath-taking country. One more day to go!


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