Monday, August 3, 2015

Scuba Diving in the Seychelles

Praslin Island
Anse Volbert beach
S04 18' 60"  E55 49' 00"

Day four of our trip to the Seychelles was the day we selected to be in a port where we could connect with a scuba operation to go scuba diving. The dive operators in the Seychelles are rather small so we had to go to them rather than have them come to us.

The day before we took a short land excursion for some provisions and at that time I spotted the location of the dive operator, Whitetip Diving. We also made arrangements for a taxi to meet us on the beach and take us to the dive shop at 8:30AM the following morning.

There were 3 divers on this trip.  Hubby D, myself and DW.  Hubby D and I each had 76 previous dives but DW only had made 6 dives so she was a bit nervous. There was no need, she did great.

Beach where Captain SW dropped us for our dive.
We took a selfie after we came ashore.

We arrived on the beach a bit early so we explored the area just a little. There were numerous small hotels advertising "self catering." I guess this means they do not have a restaurant on their property and you have to cook for yourself.

Self catering villas.

The cab arrived right on time and within 5 minutes we were at the Whitetip office signing all the paperwork and getting our gear set up.

DW held on tight to the boat. This boat was pretty small and there were only 6 divers with 2 dive masters. I don't much like diving out of small boats, but I had no choice.

We went right by the cove where the El Diablo was anchored.  We waved but I don't think they could see our little boat.
Booby Island - our dive site. We managed to go almost all the way around the island underwater.

Here are videos that Hubby D filmed while we were under the water.  In the first video, you can see me falling backwards off the side of the boat for a back entry.  I was the last diver into the water because I was sitting at the front of the boat. After I fall into the water, D shoots video of all the divers descending. See if you can pick out DW and me.

The water was not very clear however, keep watching -- there are large numbers of fish!

If you are reading this in the email of this blog, you will need to go to my blog page to view the video.

Here are some more videos. Please don't feel like you need to watch every one.  I am including all of them in this blog for my children who are divers (and master rescue and technical diver son-in-law) as I know they will get a kick out of laughing at how I swim when I dive - they always do.

Hey - I am not a youngster and I am still diving.  This is my FIFTH dive this year! That is nothing to laugh at.

However -- read the end. You don't ant to miss out on our dive selfie - it is at the end of this blog.

We saw 2 Giant Wrasse (about 8-10 feet long) when we started the dive. Hubby D missed them as he was looking the other direction. I tried to get his attention but I couldn't.

Here are web pictures of some of the fish we did see on this dive.

Bat Fish this big would also swim up to our boat looking for a handout.

Our dive was probably not the best ever, but it was still great - REALLY GREAT.  And, it was especially fun to do it with DW. I hope she will continue to dive and maybe we can go to Palu together.....

Here is our dive profile for this dive:
Booby Island, Seychelles, Africa
July 21, 2015
Maximum depth 64 feet
Duration of 46 minutes
Water temperature 79F

Yes, we did take a dive selfie - my kids will tell you it looks like every other dive boat selfie I have taken. Butt it is special to us -- dive number 77, Booby Island, Seychelles.

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