Monday, July 18, 2016

The Art at the Ritz

The Ritz-Carlton in Bahrain had several nice pieces of art. I enjoyed the art and spent a significant amount of time looking at it carefully (from the hot tub).


Opposite the hot tub was a stunning ceramic creation and it was even more beautiful up close.

Several of these fish sculptures were placed around the health club and the indoor pool.. 

Above the doors in the health club were ceramic art pieces.

There was a Trader Vic's Restaurant on the Ritz grounds and this is a dolphin fountain in the pond next to the restaurant.
This tree was filled with lanterns that were lit each night. 

These mosaics were at an indoor/outdoor cafe close to the main pool.
The Overlook, the outdoor restaurant installed new tiles while we were in Bahrain. They were beautiful.

My favorite was the large mural in the indoor pool. When you looked closely it was really amazing in the detail and characters.

Getting closer to the wall brought more detail into focus.

I love doorways so these were very interesting to me.

Finding beauty in the details is always a wonderful experience for me. I love to look closely and see all the amazing things that pop into your vision. The art at the Ritz definitely added another type of pleasure to my experience in Bahrain. 


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