Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mom Reviews hits 100!

FAMILY Magazine has hit a milestone!  

We've published over 100 Mom Reviews.

What's a Mom Review you ask? It's just one more way we're bringing the best DC has to offer to our readers - both in print and online. We have a great group of moms who use products, visit places, shop at stores and then tell us the truth about how great (or not) they work for their families. It's the best test market out there. Real moms with real kids (messy, picky, loud) always give the best advice.

Most of our reviews are truly local. We want to help local businesses - toy stores, kids' clothes, bakeries, etc. - by sending our mom reviewers their direction to check out their goods. FAMILY Magazine is all about making life in DC as great as possible for our families and our businesses.

Check out our Mom Reviews any time you want on our website at:

We feature over 20 categories of products, places, and more.  Some examples (just click the topic to go straight there)...

Locally Owned Toy Stores
Cupcake Shops 

If you or someone you know would like to become a mom reviewer, just click here for all the scoop.  We're always looking for new reviewers! While we call them Mom Review, it doesn't mean dads out there can't get in on the long as you're a parent, you're qualified!

If you have a product or business and would like to be "reviewed" - honestly - click here for the details.

We also have a great Tips and Quips feature as part of the mom reviews - it's a resource for everything from how to blow out your hair to how to decorate for holidays to pet dental care.  We have the best experts who contribute to our magazine - and offer up their advice as easy to read tips.

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