Monday, February 11, 2013

NOVA Housewives Interview

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Real Housewives of Northern Virginia.  They aren't the reality show "Real" - they are housewives, they live in NOVA, and they know what they're talking about - community happenings, giveaways, and gossip.

I thought I'd share a snippet of my interview here on my blog.  The entire interview is on the Real Housewives of Northern Virginia's blog.  I hope you enjoy both the interview and their


Twenty years ago, Brenda Hyde was in the midst of raising four kids. After being unable to find a local children’s store, she realized that she wanted to create a resource for busy moms in the Washington DC area. Today, she is the Editor of one of the largest publications in the Washington DC region - FAMILY Magazine.

 Describe yourself in three words: 
Innovative, Energetic, and involved ....
Read on - I promise you'll enjoy the Real Housewives of Northern Virginia's site as much as the rest of my flattering interview!  

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