Monday, July 7, 2014

No Dry Heat

One of the first questions most people ask when they hear I am moving to the Middle East is, "How will you stand the heat?"

I always answer, “But it is a dry heat.”

In Virginia, where we lived for twenty-four years, humidity will sometimes make the heat index go off the charts when the temperature is only in the 90’s. It is very humid there. High humidity makes the heat almost unbearable.

Honestly, until yesterday the heat was not bad in Bahrain.  There have been only two times I have felt uncomfortably hot.  This is even more significant because I have been wearing long sleeves and long pants.

During the season of Ramadan it is respectful to be covered up when you are in public and I am trying very hard to respect the culture of my host country.

I was starting to think, “This is a piece of cake.  I can do this.”

Without warning things changed.  Yesterday I noticed the temperature seemed warmer so I checked our weather station we brought with us from the US.

At 5:12 AM it was 87 degrees Fahrenheit (30 Celsius) and 84 percent humidity.  That was a shocker.   Humid?  Wow!

This morning when we went to work out it was even more humid.  86 degrees (30C) and 90% humidity. The windows of our flat were sweating on the outside and I could not get my sunglasses to defog as we walked to the health club.

When we returned from our workout it was even more humid at 88 degrees (31C) and 93% humidity.

There is not a cloud in the sky. Where is the moisture coming from?  This is very confusing to me.  Unfortunately, I have not found any local news stations so I can’t follow the weather like we did in Virginia. I guess I will have to pull the Weather Channel up on my Ipad every day so I can see the weather.

The locals don’t seem to mind.  They all tell me, “Don’t worry. The winds are coming.”

Winds?  Now what am I in for?

No worries, it is already getting back to normal. It is 107 F (42 C) and 49% humidity right now.  That is more like it.


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