Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Shipment Has Arrived

There was really good news this morning. Our personal belongings (clothes, kitchen gadgets, my face moisturizer and other essentials) have arrived and passed through customs.  Whewwwww!

I am so happy!  Seems like I have been living out of a suitcase forever.

Oops, where is it all going to go?

When we packed up in Virginia (I should say “when I packed” because Mr. Hyde was no where to be found) it seemed like so many of our belongings were essential and needed to come to Bahrain.  However, after being here 5 weeks and getting along with only what I could bring in a suitcase, I am not sure why I packed up so much stuff to come over here.

I guess I downsized and now I will have to upsize.

This is a picture of all the boxes that were shipped to Bahrain before they left our house in Virginia.  All the rest of our furniture and belongings went into storage.

On my last night in Virginia, I slept on the floor because it was almost 3AM before the movers finished up and left.

However I found time to drink the last bottle from our wine collection.  It was a bottle of champagne we purchased in France at the Chateau deFere. We were on a trip with very good friends touring vineyards.  We had saved it for a special occasion however it appeared the best thing to do was to drink a final toast to Virginia. I couldn't bring it with me.

Doug had been collecting wine for 14 years and we could not take it with us nor would the storage company store it for us. After putting 15 cases in the basement of good friends, there were still 140 bottles that we needed a home. Donna, from FAMILY Magazine took a whole bunch but I still had wine. I finally boxed it up and went door to door in our neighborhood dropping off a little something to remind our friends of Doug and Brenda.

Every once in a while Donna sends me a picture when she is enjoying the wine with family and friends.  It is so exciting to see our collection go on giving joy to the people who mean so much to us.  This was fun!

No, the wine is not from River Road. That was a box I picked up at Total Beverage to help lug the 140 bottles around.

The bottle of champagne was the "last" bottle on the "last" night in Virginia.

I took this selfie and sent it to Doug. He was already in the Middle East in Saudi Arabia. The champagne glass came from our condo in Florida we had just sold so it was a double special toast. We both toasted "to our next adventure" via Skype.

Things are back to normal here with temperature at 102 degrees with 36% humidity.  It is the perfect weather to stay inside and unpack boxes.

Those boxes will be arriving tomorrow!  Yippee – maybe.  This could be a challenge.



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