Sunday, July 6, 2014

The First Party

Put yourself in our shoes. We are in a strange land (that is an understatement).

We are new and have few friends.

It is a National Holiday celebrating America’s freedom.

Freedom is being threatened in the region where we are living.

We need to celebrate America’s Independence Day!

So we sent out invitations to the few people we know – both American and other nationalities.

In America the 4th of July is usually thought of as THE party of the summer. With the theme already chosen — America, duh — and endless red, white, and blue dessert options to choose from, making July 4th often mostly about planning how you’re going to party . . . even during Ramadan.

Once our plan was in place, it was easy and it was a nice party. Everyone had a great time.  There were friends from Canada, Norway, England, Venezuela, Italy, Louisiana and Oklahoma to name a few.  Yes, Oklahoma!  Never guess but one of the ladies who works with Doug is from a town not far from where I grew up.

Small world indeed!


There was a global feast as well with shrimp, guacamole, jambalaya, hamburgers, hotdogs, apple pie and whole lot more.  And, plenty of spirits to get every into a celebration mood.

The biggest challenge was keeping it indoors and not going out on our balcony.  During Ramadan it is against the law to eat, drink or chew in public during daylight hours.  We kept the “eating, drinking and chewing” inside until after sunset.

The second biggest challenge was cooking hamburgers and hotdogs (chicken – no pork in Bahrain) on a Foreman Grill.  We did it and they even received high marks for flavor but I don’t think they were even close to being as good as the ones Doug’s cooks on our grill in Virginia.

The third challenge was making baked beans without a recipe.  Our household goods have still not arrived so I do not have any of my recipes.  That is a story for another blog.

We had great food along with some good conversation. Some of the group thought that the countries in the Middle East might not be ready for democracy.  Not sure I agree with that.  I found this quote and it made me think.

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
― Benjamin Franklin, Memoirs of the life & writings of Benjamin Franklin

Happy 4th of July to everyone.

Freedom is something Americans sometimes take for granted. Doug and I have already learned that the freedoms you experience in America are huge compared to those you find in the Middle East.


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