Sunday, June 29, 2014

Loss of a good friend, Jim Haiz

Every once in a while you receive a phone call, a visit or as in this case, an email that changes everything in life.  Unfortunately, this email came to me on Saturday from Jim Haiz’s family.

Subject: Sad News


It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that our father, Jim Haiz, passed away peacefully yesterday, 6/26/2014. He lived a full life and was surrounded by family at the time.

A memorial service will be held Wednesday July 2nd at 2pm
Adam-Green Funeral Home
721 Elden Street
Herndon, VA 20171

Following the service there will be get together at Jim's home in Ashburn
43089 Branower Street
Ashburn, VA 20147

If anyone has any questions or would like to share anything, please reply, as we'll monitor his personal email up to the service.

Patrick, Brian, Kevin & Amie Haiz and Bernice Coakley

Jim and Bernice with me at Brittany's engagement party in April of 2013.

To say I was shocked and saddened by this email is an understatement.

When I retired and passed the controls of FAMILY Magazine on to Northern Virginia Media Services, I did not worry because I knew Jim would be there.

I never dreamed Jim would be gone . . . .

I met Jim after he retired from full time employment and he applied with FAMILY Magazine to sell advertising. He wanted to work but only part time on a schedule of his choice.

I was afraid he would not be challenged enough at our magazine, but Jim was engaged in the work immediately and did a great job. He had fun doing it, too.

He was a great man to work with, a good friend and I will miss him deeply.

Jim had fantastic relationships with his advertisers.  He fought to make sure they received a good return on their investment in our magazine.  He always considered their needs and how we could help them.  He was their advocate even when it was not in his own (commissions) best interest.  He wanted what was right for them.

Just like me, Jim was an early morning person. Many, many times Jim beat me to the office and would greet me with a very hearty, “Good morning, boss. I think you should give me a raise.”

Although (as he told it) he only worked part time, 4 days week from 7-11, he was still our number one sales person.  Every once in a while another sales person would give him a run for his money but he always came out on top.  He knew his job and he did it well.

Jim never worked in the office on Friday.  That was the day he would go to the YMCA and take a spinning class with “the ladies.”  One of the most humorous things he ever did was on that rare occasion when he had to come by the office on Friday; he would come in dressed in his exercise clothes.  He would always apologize and say he was having a bad hair day.

Jim was also very interested in other people.  He asked about my daughter Brittany all the time.  Over the years he watched her grow up and took a lot of interest in the things going on in her life.  He also was very interested in what my husband, Doug was doing.  Often he told me, “Doug’s a lucky guy.” That always made me feel good.

Jim and Brittany (3rd and 4th from the left) with other friends
at Brittany's engagement party.
Fiance Randy (now hubby) is to the right of Brittany.

Jim really cared about all the team at FAMILY Magazine. He talked to me many times when he was concerned about one of them.  He was truly a part of our FAMILY at FAMILY Magazine.

There was one time when you could really see the passion for life in Jim’s eyes -- when he talked about his grandchildren.

He deeply loved his grandchildren. He loved seeing them compete or participate in a program at school.  When those great times would happen, he would come back to the office bubbling over with stories about what they did, what they said and how many times they hugged his neck. His love of his grandchildren was so apparent that you knew he had found that joy that made his life complete.

I am going to miss hearing Jim’s stories.  I will miss his teasing and his caring.  I will miss being reminded by him of what the priorities are at FAMIILY Magazine.  Jim was a part of my family for 14 wonderful years.  I am a better person because he was in my life.  I am lucky and he will be missed.

On our refrigerator I have a note I wrote to myself over 23 years ago about the same time I started FAMILY Magazine, “Life is short, dance often.”

Jim danced often.

With a sad heart,
Brenda Hyde

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  1. Rip Jim. He thought me a lot. Such a great guy.