Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Setting Fire to the Kitchen

If you have multiple children, you understand when I say that for the past 42 years I really haven't cooked – I have provided filler food for the masses.

Especially when my son was growing up.  Benjamin could eat 24/7 and still be hungry. Every meal I made sure there was something like pasta, potatoes or heavy starches to fill up his stomach.  His idea of a snack was a box of cereal and a gallon of milk.

After the kids were grown, Doug and I became “empty nesters” however we both had jobs that required long hours.  We did a lot of grilling and eating very light dinners.

I just have not cooked much over the years.

The last two weeks have been eye opening for me as well as a challenge.  My goal was to learn how to cook enjoyable, healthy as well as tasty meals.  I think if you were to ask Doug, he would tell you I am succeeding.

However the management of our building must think I am a terrible cook.  I have set off the fire alarm in the building twice.

Yes, I set off the fire alarm.

It was not because we had a fire.  It was because I did not turn on the exhaust fan fast enough.  Remember I am learning.

Putting together the ingredients. 
Here is our first course last night, Mango Gazpacho.  It was great.  And, it was not hard to prepare.

For those of you that are really good cooks please don’t send me a message that says, “Well, Brenda, of course it was easy.  I have made it several times and it is one of my easiest recipes.”  You will burst my bubble.

I am trying really hard!

For the first time in my life, a few nights ago I cooked fish that was slightly crispy and tasted wonderful. When I gushed about my achievement to my best friend, she told me she cooked with that recipe all the time.  It was easy.  Oh well, so much for a world changing achievement . . .
Finished soup.
It may be easy for her but it was a milestone for me.  I only hope someday it is a common occurrence for me. I have always envied her cooking.

When I was shopping for the ingredients for my Mango Gazpacho, I found 9 varieties of mangoes in the store. NINE!  Amazing.

I wasn’t sure which one would be the best tasting so I went with the prettiest, Tutapuri from India.  It was great. Doug said it tasted more like dessert than soup.  Oh well, it was refreshing and went really well with our salmon covered with brown sugar glaze.

Here are a few of the mangos in the grocery store.  The selection is very multicultural. Hint: the flag on the price sign tells you the country of origin.

If you have a great recipe, please send it.  I am running out of things to try.


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  1. Hi Brenda! Have been enjoying reading your blog as you've been overseas. Very funny about the cooking story and IKEA. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures! -Julien