Sunday, June 22, 2014

Thanks for Ikea

We are setting up our flat and trying to make it comfortable since we are probably going to be here a few years.  Our building is managed by the Ritz Carlton Resort so it is like a hotel.  The rooms are furnished but basically like a hotel.

There is another executive with Jacobs also living in our building.  Sam arrived in Bahrain after I did so he is also just now setting up his flat.  His wife, Diana is not here yet so he is on his own.

Sam and Doug decided there were a few pieces of furniture they wanted.  I have done some research, and there really was nothing like what they wanted available in Bahrain.  The grocery stores resemble a super Target and that is your only general store. However the goods in these stores are made very cheaply. Everything here seems to be from China.

Sam said they should go to Ikea.

Guess what?

There is an Ikea in Saudi Arabia.  But there is not one in Bahrain.

Here is the front and back of the bag from Ikea.

I can't go to Saudi Arabia. I don't have a visa yet. Not sure I want to get a visa as it is a long process and you have to live there for a week. Doug went through the process because he is working there, but I might try to avoid it.

So for the Ikea shopping trip Doug and Sam were on their own. They came home with some cabinets, file drawers and laundry baskets. Doug even picked up some silverware for the kitchen that is great. Sam purchased some hot pads that I love. I might have to send Doug back for some.

Success.  A little bit of Sweden in the Middle East!


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