Sunday, June 15, 2014

World Cup with a Job Offer

We have stepped out on the town!  For our first social event we attended a party for the launch of the World Cup.  GREAT FUN!!

The World Cup is a big deal here.  Of course, they call it football and that takes some adjusting on my part.

I grew up in Oklahoma where “football” is completely different than the “football” they have here.  I call it soccer.  But when in Rome do as the Romans do….

The launch party was held on the outdoor patio of the Ritz Carlton Resort, which is just across the street from our building.  We have memberships in the health club at the Ritz so we are over there every morning at 5AM for a workout.  It is a beautiful facility and a workout there is almost like going on vacation.  I will blog about that later for sure.

The World Cup Launch party was quite the affair.  Everyone here likes to dress up so lots of high heels were worn and many team shirts.  The Ritz even lit the outside of the building in Brazilian colors.  That was very impressive.

There was a massive (and wonderful!!!)  Brazil themed buffet with Brazilian beers.  It was great and I was still stuffed the following morning.

The hotel had several outdoor big screens set up so you could see the happenings from almost every seat.  I guess there were over 300 people there and the entire outdoor patio was covered with dining tables. The event was pictured the follow day in the local newspaper. It appears we were part of the “in” crowd.

A local couple joined us at our table.  The young woman asked what I did and I told her I had just retired from publishing a parenting magazine.  She became very excited and told me that I should definitely start one on the island (that is how the locals refer to Bahrain – The Island).  She felt strongly that a publication focused on raising children was needed.

No, I am not starting a parenting publication in Bahrain.  For one thing, they have a woman’s magazine that has a section on parenting.  I loved publishing for 24 years but for now I just want to relax and enjoy life. I want the freedom to come and go as I please so I can visit the States and my children at any time!

Since we start our day at 5AM, we turned in early. I had to see the results of the game in the morning paper.  But it was a fun event and exciting to do something so completely different.  I might have to become a “football” fan.


Dessert anyone?  Yummm!

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