Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sand or Formal Wear - which would you choose?

Everyone tells me that this year is unusual in Bahrain because they have had so many sand storms.  Just my luck.

When you drive down the road, sand blows across the pavement like snow in the winter in Virginia or Oklahoma. And, it becomes slippery just like snow so you have to be aware of your speed and braking.  It is not nearly as bad as ice, but you need to be aware.

As the sand was blowing outside, we prepared for an elegant evening at the Italian Ball.

The Italian Ball is an annual event here on the island and is quite the affair. Even before I arrived in Bahrain, I was told about the Italian Ball by some other expats. So when the invitations came out, I knew we had to attend.

The theme this year was based on the movie Il Gattopardo and the turn of the century in Italy. DW and I thought about renting Italian ball gowns, but opted for regular attire at the last minute.  However, after being at the ball, we probably should have gone all out in full Italian gowns. It might have been fun.

The lobby of the Sofitel, where the ball was held has wonderful lanterns.
"Let's take it home." D and DW inspecting the Ferrari on display.
Of course, my selfie.
All dressed up for a party, our group was impressive.
The Italian Ambassador, Ambassador Alberto Vecchi was very gracious when we asked to have our photo taken with him.
The Ambassador and his wife made a striking couple.
This is DE with the Mrs. Vecchi along with our friend, LW from AWA.

At the beginning of the evening, there were several Viennese Waltzes. They were lovely.

If you are reading this in an email, you will need to go to my blog page to watch the video.

I have to tell you that the food was not good. I was very disappointed.  But the people were gorgeous and the company of our group very interesting. It was a lovely evening.

Lost in translation - they were serving Limoncello at the other tables and D ordered some. This is what arrived at our table.
We all had roses at our places along with Ferrari cologne. Ferrari is starting to be my favorite brand of cars and other things.

The evening was elegant and a great break from the sand and wind.

Salute (Cheers in Italian),

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