Saturday, April 25, 2015

Zoom Zoom

This has been a very busy week.  I am still working on the project for the AWA (a blog about that is in my future) and we have had some really fun activities.

Fun - Fun - Fun - Last weekend we attended the Bahrain Grand Prix, a round of the FIA Formula One World Championship at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) racetrack.

All over town there were bill boards and signs promoting the race. The race actually set a new attendance record this year.
Even the local shopping malls got into the action with activities related to the race for the kids.

I completely expected the experience to be similar to the Indy 500, but this was much more civilized and family focused.  Maybe this is because there is no alcohol sold inside the facilities.  Hmmmm.

The track and the facilities are amazing.  It is very sophisticated and first class all the way.

EARRINGS --- Look closely at my ears- these are custom designed Formula One BIC earrings. SW designed them and gave them to us before the race. Is this cool or what?

The earring is the shape of the race track.  There is the letter "F" and a number "one" in the middle.

The race track is a huge facility located out in the desert. Here is a picture from overhead. I tried to find one showing the entire track but this is as close as I could come. Notice the very small round shape in the upper right corner of this picture. That is the round tower shown behind D, DW and myself in the first picture. It is 12 stories tall but looks very small in this picture. The Formula One race track is huge!
The open area in front of the grandstands (for the music performers) was filled with cushions and places to sit.
We spotted several of our AWA friends at the race. 
We connected with LS and her husband in the grandstands.
We had a great view of the straight away and turn number one. This is where all the action would take place. 

SW told me to watch the wheels on the cars as they entered the first turn.  They would be going really fast down the straight away and would have to brake hard for the turn.  The brakes on the cars were actually glowing red with heat. The whole time we were watching the race I kept looking at the brakes. It was amazing.

I tried and tried to get a photo of the glowing brakes but the cars were going too fast for me. Guess that SLR camera would have come in handy for this adventure.

The roads coming in and out of the BIC were lined with lit palm trees. D would not slow down enough for me to take a good photo.
After the first night of prelimenaries, LS and her husband, DS took us to an Italian restaurant located close to their flat. We had fish baked in salt. The presentation was phenomenal and it tasted great. 
On the final day for the race, I wore my Ferrari shirt and noise reducing headphones. My team (Ferrari) came in second.

There was a large number of the Jacob's Team at the race. 
BIC sunset as seen from the grand stands.
After the race, they lit up the sky in celebration.

Here is the final outcome of the race. 
It was a lot of fun to attend something that is an international event.


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