Sunday, May 17, 2015

BHB is 30 TODAY!

BHB is 30 TODAY!

30 years ago TODAY this wonderful little baby girl came into our life.  I can’t believe it has been 30 years.  Time really flies when you are having fun.
Here we are just minutes after her arrival.

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday Dear BHB 
Happy Birthday to You.

To honor BHB, I am going to blog 3 times today, one for every decade of her life.

She was adorable when she smiled and laughed. The tuft of hair on the top of her head would wave.
Here are some fun facts about things that are also turning 30 this year. You will love these and be shocked they are also 30 years old!

Here are some more very interesting facts about 1985:

Brittany (spelled this way) was the 17th most popular name for a baby born in 1985. Jessica was number one.

A 1985 study found that US Parents were not "bothered by strangers" mistaking the infant's sex. I STILL dressed Brittany in pink.  :-)

Gap Kids line of clothing stared in 1985.

The song “We Are The World” was written.

The first mobile phone call was made in the UK by Ernie Wise.

The first version of Microsoft Windows was released in 1985.

The wreck of the RMS Titanic is located.

BHB was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma.



This was BHB's first birthday in Tulsa.  She has on an original Laura Ashley jumper (I made it).

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