Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Book Has Launched

The 40th Anniversary Tribute Book for the American Women’s Association in Bahrain has LAUNCHED!

Yesterday at the monthly AWA General Meeting we unveiled the book and promptly sold all the copies we brought into the meeting.

Here is a video of my sales pitch - watch the video for a few minutes to get to my part.  I did a David Letterman joke --  "Top Ten Reasons to Buy the Anniversary Book."

If you are reading this in an email, you will need to go to my blog page to watch the video.  http://brendahyde.blogspot.com

Everyone was pleased and it appeared to be a great success.

Here we are getting ready to unveil the book. 

Smiles all around - love it!
Although it was tremendous work, it is paying off. The book will be something the AWA can share and enjoy for many years to come.

In today’s newspaper there was even a picture of the Book Committee.  It is always great to be recognized for hard work and this committee certainly put some hard work into this project.

The daily newspaper had a picture of the Book Committee.
This article about the book ran in the newspaper last week.
I learned so much about AWA and I have a very deep appreciation for the ladies (past and present).  I am not sure I would have discovered this appreciation if I had not done this project. I also made new friends and developed my own skills.

Now on with planning -- how we can use this book to help AWA grow even more?

At the general meeting the President of AWA, DR showed the group a video she had created made up of short clips from husbands, children and families of the AWA members. It was an amazing video presentation and brought tears to everyone’s eyes. She promised to put it up on YouTube so you probably will be able to find it there soon.

Speaking of heart-warming gestures – at the meeting I received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers for my work on the book.  The meeting was held at the Ritz and the Ritz also gave me a bouquet for my birthday. One of the husband’s of one of the AWA members also gave every woman at the meeting a rose (Isn’t that absolutely sweet?).

I am really enjoying all my beautiful flowers.
I came home with all these wonderful flowers.  I told you before, I see a theme for my birthday this year – FLOWERS!  I do love flowers.



Surprise! Surprise! There were two Washington FAMILY Magazine readers at the luncheon.  WOW!

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