Saturday, October 17, 2015

Beautiful art show in Bahrain

A new global art exhibition opened on our little island of Bahrain. 

The art world in Bahrain is strong beginning back in the 1950's. The first formal exhibition with Bahraini painters took place in 1956. 

This was the inaugural event for this exhibition called ArtBahrain. The show was held in a grand marquis in the prestigious Bahrain Bay area.

The white tents of the grand marquis from a distance.

Here they are up close.

ArtBahrain was a gathering of artists from around the GLOBE with creations ranging from interactive video to beautiful bronze sculptures.  One of the artist told me that over 200 artists were represented at the event.

Hubby D and I have been driving by the massive tents for a couple of weeks as they were constructed. I was intrigued and looking forward to visiting the creative display.

I was not disappointed.  

As I browsed the three large tents with friend KW, I began to notice how much each piece of art and the medium chosen by the artist was influenced by the area where they lived. My experience with global art has been limited so this was very interesting to me.

While I was touring ArtBahrain I purchased a wonderful book highlighting just Bahraini artists, "Thirty Three Artists . . .  Thirty Three Islands, a Kingdom of Art." 

I am looking forward to exploring the Art of Bahrain more in the upcoming months.

After I came home from ArtBahrain, I felt I should share some of my experience with my family and friends. It was quite wonderful.

Here are my favorite images that I captured at the exhibition.


Every art show needs a Jaguar on display

You could stare at this one for hours. It was very unique.
Look closely.  This is me standing in front of an interactive camera. The drawing is done in flies.  Yes, flies.


There was another interactive screen in the center court area.  Anyone standing in front of it could manipulate the flecks of fire on the screen. It was amazing. People would walk up and stand there for several minutes waving their arms and jumping around.

This is an adorable young boy that I had to capture on video. He was having so much fun with the screen of fire.

If you are reading this in an email, you will need to go to my blog page to watch the video.

This Arab sculpture is made of locks. 

My favorite colors.

Haven't seen this many brass balls since we were in Texas.
Look closely.  These are not twigs, they are people with their arms in the air.
There was also a lovely coffee shop.

I think I might visit some local art galleries and explore the Art of Bahrain more. This is fun!

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