Friday, June 17, 2016

Painted Walls of Bahrain

While living in the Middle East, Hubby D and I have visited many cities that are covered with graffiti  – both good and bad versions.  Athens had the most but also Rome, Istanbul and Florence all had graffiti.

In Bahrain there is very little graffiti and most of it is covered over with paint so you cannot read it. 

Much to my surprise as I've traveled around the Island, I've found several examples of art painted on walls in Bahrain.

In the restored area of Muharraq there are some walls painted in very modern designs.

Along Budaiya Highway there are several areas painted.
Yes, there is a Barnes and Noble Bookstore but it is rarely open.

From a distance this looked to be a painting. However upon closer examination, it is a cloth print nailed to the wall.

This door was painted inside another painting but I could not resist to take a photo of just the door.

These six images are taken from a wall in front of a school Apparently the King and the Crown Prince went to school there.

In a few areas, street cleaners patrol the streets.

Off in the distance an Arabic sentence is written on a wall.
The local milk producer has an advertisement painted on the front wall of his store.
An armored police vehicle is parked in front of this wall at all times. This is the site for many of the tire burning protests that take place regularly in Bahrain.
Artists will always find an outlet.  Bahrain has some very interesting art and I think the paintings on the walls are wonderful. When I pass one it always bring a smile to my face.


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