Friday, June 17, 2016

What did they really mean to say?

When your first language is not English, it is easy to make mistakes while trying to translate words. This seems to happen frequently in Bahrain.

Additionally because the Arabic language is based on sounds, no one is concerned about spelling words correctly or phrasing sentences the right way.  I have seen the same name spelled three different ways and no one seems to be upset about it.

Immediately after I arrived in Bahrain I started keeping records of what I call “funny words.”   Pretty soon several of my friends where sending me examples they found.

Some of these are pretty funny.

Here are three "Baby On Car" stickers.

This one was in Paris and it says "Bebe on Board." I guess they could translate some of the words but not all.

These were a series of banners all over town promoting safe driving.

How would you like your ice?  There are so many options and so little time. . .

The sign says, "Keep Bahrain Clean, Do Not Spit."

Well, golly Sheriff, it's Gallop Cargo from Texas.

Would you like to house shift?

They want to buy, but what happens then?

Assuming they are talking about bed bugs, I did not know they could get sick?

Darn those fly posters.  Get out the fly swatter.

Their services include car arrangements. I would love to know what that is.

Really, curry?

They use "ing" for all actions.  Driving Learning sounds like fun.

For Sel --??

This one is so very funny.  The side of the truck full of camels says, "If you don't like me go to hell. Play everyday with mom." I can not figure out what this means. It is so strange.

You are seeing the restaurant menu correctly. It says Manashit.

And, Mary Christmas to you as well.

Those messages are going to be hard to read.

What is Rooty Tooty?

Our friend SW found this menu with Tit-Bits.  Ooo La La. That's a mouth full.

I guess you will have to eat pasta in Dubai if they get rid of the rice cookers.

Does this mean the skim milk is not fresh?

You have to look close to catch this one.  This sign is on the front window of the barber shop in the old Souq where Hubby D gets his hair cut. Her ear ring is X rated. This one shocked me. They must have missed what it said when they put up the sign. It has probably been there for 10 or 15 years.

This was my very first example and is still my favorite.  This building is just across the street from Hubby D's office. I wonder how you would keep the ice frozen so you can return it when you are finished using it? Is it expensive to rent? In the heat of the Middle East is this really a viable business plan?

This blog took over 2 years to create but was really fun! Of course I had help from many people. Thanks so much to all who sent me examples of funny words. 

I hope you enjoyed it and had a good laugh.

Humor really is our saving grace, and it helps keep us psychologically healthy. When you are living in an environment as harsh as the "sand box" (the Middle East), you need humor - and you need it often. 


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