Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Party Is Over

When my good friend DW left Bahrain she seemed to have lunch and dinner dates every day for weeks.  I was very happy for her. I thought it was sweet. Now I realize what it is really like.

DW back at their ranch in Texas.
I have been so fortunate that all my friends want to say goodbye and take me to lunch, dinner or have a special gathering. It has been so heart warming and just downright touching!

Of course, it makes me very much aware that I am leaving all my good friends and probably won’t see some of them ever again.  That makes me very sad.

My Bahrain friendships brought out the best in me.

The evening after the AWA Iftar, Dr. S hosted a very special High Tea for myself and for CS. CS is also leaving Bahrain and moving back to the UK.

Dr. S was the chair of the AWA 40th Anniversary Book Committee. CS and I worked closely with her on the project.

The party was held in Dr. S’s home and it was just wonderful. The food had an Indian theme and was fabulous. Before the party, I told myself to not overindulge but that pledge went right out the window when I saw the long table laden with delicious foods.

I was so touched that Dr. S hosted the party even though it was right in the middle of Ramadan. Even many of our Muslim friends came and it was an Iftar of sorts. It was just so very, very special.

Another incredibly special evening was at the home of my good friend LW. The evening had a Greek theme as LW’s husband, YW is from Greece. LW is an amazing cook and again, I had to force myself to not overeat. Final toasts with some very special ouzo put the evening over the top.

LW and YW gave us a fantastic quilt from Egypt. It was so very perfect. Everytime we look at it we will have fond memories of our good friends.
Bahrain has not been good to my waistline. There is so much wonderful food and sharing meals with friends is a favorite activity. When I get back to the States, a diet is at the top of my to do list.

Hubby D’s staff threw him a party in Al Khobar (Saudi Arabia) and there were several barbeques in the weeks leading up to our final goodbyes.

D's staff gave him a framed Arabic sword.
We had fun getting ready to host the last dinner party in our flat.
Dates to break Iftar.
Just a few nights before the movers arrived all our friends in Rasafa Towers threw us a big barbeque.

Remember this is during Ramadan so we could not start the grill until almost sunset. And, we had to be careful to keep the beer and drinks inside until it was dark outside.

The BBQ grill the guys installed at the building really made a great steak.

The party ended up on the balcony with cigars thanks to our friend PF.
I had several people encouraging me to attend the AWA Coffee that was held the night of Hubby D’s final day in his office. I wanted to attend but I knew that he would want me to stay home that particular evening. As it turned out, one of his engineers invited us to dinner and Hubby D really wanted to go. The party just kept going. . .

This was the night view from the flat where we had our final dinner party.
The next day the packers arrived right on time, started taping boxes, bubble wrapping dishes and putting clothes into wardrobes. Seven hours later all my memories were boxed and ready to leave.

As they loaded the elevator with the packed boxes, I thought about the joy and love that had come along with all those possessions. I can’t wait to open them up and remember all the wonderful times and precious friends in Bahrain.

I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy.

Let's face it, friends make your life a lot more fun.

Onward to the next adventure.

Closing the door to one adventure and opening it to another adventure.  Cheers!

Important note, we are already planning a “Bahrain wives” reunion. Not sure if it will be Tuscany or Ireland, but we will do something next year to get back together with our friends. YIPEE!

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