Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My Last Responsibility

It is nice to be needed.  It is even better when someone needs you and you feel you did a great job of helping them.

Today has some very sad and a few happy feelings for me and how I have been helping my daughter.

Yesterday was the last day my daughter needed me to pick up LW at school for her.  He is starting a new school today (a very good school – this is a good thing) and I will no longer be needed to pick him up in the afternoon.

One side – I am extremely sad to not have this responsibility any longer.

Second side – I am happy he is going to a great school and my daughter will have the security of knowing she does not have to rely on me every single day.

Not that I am a security risk, I just am not always around to do it for her.

Every afternoon about 30 minutes prior to pick up time I would get a text, “Are you getting LW?” I am sure it was comforting to her when I replied that I was on my way.

When we moved to Florida from Bahrain, BHB decided to return to her work in a law firm.  She loves the work and a good firm presented it’s self close to where she lives.  However the Montessori school for LW has very limited hours and I would need to pick him up every day.

At first I was daunted by the responsibility and commitment. Would I remember every day (leave on time, have gas in the car and all that), would I be able to structure what ever I ended up doing around these hours, could I still take Hubby D to the airport and pick him up after his travels, would I be able to travel from time to time with Hubby D? My worries were for nothing.  It was easy and I fell into a routine rather quickly.

But yesterday was the last time I would be required to pick up LW and he starts in the new school today. Time flies when you are having fun.

Yesterday I tried taking a last picture of LW and myself in the room but the lighting did not work out too well.  We also tried to take a picture with LW’s best friend, however that was a disaster as we were standing next to the bookshelf and both boys instantly decided they wanted to read books.  The school has a great book about big trucks and LW really enjoys sharing it with me when I arrive to get him.

LW and I had a routine each day. After I signed him out, he would put on his cute little green turtle back pack and we would hunt for lizards on our way to the car. Generally we saw one or two every afternoon. One day we actually saw a large turtle and watched as it sauntered out of the parking lot into a pond area.

Some days pickup was easy and some days it was a challenge.  BHB complained that I let him explore too much and when she occasionally did pick him up (when I traveled) it took forever to make it to the car.  I actually liked that criticism.

I tried to make our last night together as much fun and special as I could. Once we were in the car I gave LW a special “Papa cookie.”  They are Oreo cookies that Hubby D loves and so does LW.

I was very lucky and it happened to be a night when BHB’s husband (LW’s dad) was traveling so she and LW stayed with me for dinner.  Hubby D was in Chicago so it was just the three of us.

LW and I spent time waiting on BHB to arrive playing in my kitchen courtyard with climbing toys we have for LW.

I cooked pizza for LW (his favorite) and great fish for BHB and myself.  We finished the meal off with homemade ice cream (LW and Hubby D’s favorite).

Take note of the cute cup.  It was Hubby D's cup when he was LW's age. It is so cute because LW looks just like Dennis the Menace as well.

Will I miss our safari into the bushes to hunt for “baby lizards”?

Will I miss the nightly trips to the school and the routine of getting LW to “jump” into his car seat and buckle up?

Will I miss hearing “Oma, BIG truck!” as we run down the highway?

Will I miss that sweet, cute, lovable, amazing smile when I tell LW that Papa (Hubby D) is waiting at home to play (which happened a few times)?

Will I miss handing my little snack bag back to LW in his car seat and hearing his squeal with delight for cookies?


More than you could ever possibly imagine.

One thing you can count on is that life goes on and things change.  Children grow up and babies become toddlers who become little people.

And, the joys of grand parenting grow with every change.  I have loved my responsibility but it is time to get this house remodel finished and move on to another challenge of my own.

I cannot believe this is only my second post for 2017.  I apologize but I was busy making sure I created that strong bond with LW.  :-)

Granddaughter ML is visiting and we are playing golf together today.  That is another wonderful and heart warming story.


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