Thursday, August 23, 2012

Are you a VIP in the Club?

Great news!  We started our first three VIP Clubs this week and they are rolling.

Want to know what a VIP Club is?  Of course!  It’s a group of people who like a business or a particular product and want discounts or special information from time to time about that business or product.

Let’s say you have a favorite bakery that serves the most wonderful cakes and pastries.  You love going by there to pick up a special treat for Friday night dinner on the deck with the kids at the end of a long week.  Would you want to know what their newest flavor of cupcake is?  Would a 10% discount on a dozen make your mouth water?

So, you sign up for the VIP Club for Sweet City in Vienna.  They are building a VIP list to receive discounts and offers by text messaging.  If you have not been to Sweet City yet, you are missing a great experience.  They have wonderful treats and a great area where kids can watch the bakers and decorators at work.  They even hold “Cupcake Birthday Parties.”

Now Sweet City isn’t just a bakery, they have a karaoke open mike night, display the works of local artists and offer a great area where you can sit, visit and enjoy the sweet smells from the kitchen.  YOU SHOULD JOIN THEIR VIP CLUB.

On your phone, text “Sweets” to 90583 to join.

Our second new VIP Club is for Pure Chiropractic also in Vienna.  Dr. Brando Lemuel is well known in the Vienna community for his upbeat and motivating attitude.  He strongly advocates healthy lifestyles and works closely with many other groups to promote and encourage people to live to their full potential. His patients aren’t just patients, they are friends and he is their motivator.

The VIP Club for PureChiropractic will offer motivational tips and information about events going on in the community.  This VIP Club will be a bit different and will really be fun.  YOU SHOULD JOIN THEIR VIP CLUB.

On your phone, text “Pure1” to 90583 to join.

The third VIP Club is for Jerry’s Sub’s and Pizza in White Flint Mall.  They have a great reward for signing up for their VIP Club, a FREE Cookie. (Who wouldn’t want a free cookie?) Their cookies are fabulous and you are going to love the sweet treat to go along with your sub or pizza.  When you join their VIP Club, you’ll get discounts and special offers, so be sure to get in the club soon!  YOU SHOULD JOIN THEIR VIP CLUB.

On your phone, text “JWF” to 90583 to join.

Isn’t that fun?  These are great opportunities to get discounts, have fun and be motivated.  Is there a VIP club you think should be created – maybe one for your favorite restaurant?  Tell me about it.  We will work with them to create a “VIP Club” just for you!  After all, the readers of FAMILY Magazine (and my blog) are already VIPs.

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