Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pinterest Is Not Only HOT, It Is PINspirational

Is interest in Facebook cooling off? Is Twitter only good for celebrities? What is the hottest new thing out there in the Social Media World? Pinterest!

Although their name is a bit confusing (I have a hard time remember it because it is so odd), Pinterest is the hottest thing going right now.


Imagine being able to find photos online of all your favorite places, shoes, hairstyles, DIY projects and household wonders…all in one place. And be able to categorize them into folders to keep as inspiration later. Or should I say, PINspiration.

Enter Pinterest. The world’s largest pin-board online. This addicting website is already one of the most popular websites and apps, and for good reason. It’s addicting! I’ve already found a million projects I want to do with the house. The social site encourages sharing or “pinning” products and photos you like. Like Twitter and Facebook, a Pinterest user has followers who can view their followed pins in a newsfeed of photos. It’s this huge web – you might pin a photo of a china set you are dying to purchase…and three people re-pin it to their pages. From there, more people re-pin from your friends, and it spreads like wildfire.

You don’t have to stay within the confines of Pinterest (although it’s hardly confining) to post items you like. You can pin an image from almost any website. New shoes you bought online? You can add a button to your toolbar that lets you post a photo of your new kicks, with a link to where all your friends can buy some if they want as well.

It’s such a fabulous tool for businesses. Especially retail. When the site started, we tested the waters by posting a few items of an advertiser to see if it would ‘get any bites.’ Later that week, the advertiser called us to say that they had received a few orders from Pinterest as the original source. It was incredible.

Are you on Pinterest? If not, comment below and I’ll send you an invite to join! It’s a world of fun. Find us at:

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