Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Flying High in Dubai

Our day started early with a short flight from Bahrain to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A representative of our hotel, The Address, met us at the Dubai airport. He took our bags and loaded us up into a very nice Mercedes town car. What luxury! This trip was starting out to be very nice indeed.

ML especially liked the cool towel scented with lemon water the driver gave us. It was refreshing even after our short journey. 

Leaving from Bahrain - off on an adventure
Washing up after our flight.

The view of our hotel (left) and the Burj Khalifa as we drove up to the hotel.

The ride from the airport to the hotel in downtown Dubai took about 45 minutes. Along the way I was impressed by all the greenery and landscaping. The temperature is usually warmer in Dubai than in Bahrain so I assumed it was more baren and desert-like but I was mistaken.

All along the highway there was plush landscaping.
There were flowers and trees all along the highway.

Our room at the hotel was not ready for us so we had a nice breakfast and rested for a while in the Club Lounge. Both D and ML were on their phones checking email. I tried to take their picture but ML kept catching me.

They always looked up when I snapped a picture, but they were on their phones ALL the time!
The Club became our second home - complete with helpful staff, drinks and a huge selection of fantastic food.  ML loved the chocolate desserts that seemed to be available 24/7.

Very soon it was time for our driver to take us to the helipad and our air-born tour over Dubai. And, so the adventure began!

The helipad was very close to the Atlantis resort on the tip of the Palm Islands.

Atlantis and the helipad are at the top of this view.
We flew over "The World" islands, but they did not look like this.  Maybe from outer space they look this way?
The helicopter experience was fantastic.  D and ML were in the front seats and we all had the time of our lives. It was truly amazing.

The Burj Khalifa towers over all the other buildings. InDubai there are 41 buildings over 800 feet tall. 33 buildings have over 50 stories. They all look short compared to the Burj which is 2,717 feet tall with 163 floors.

Amazing view from the window of the helicopter.
Here is the sky view of Dubai Creek.  Wonder why it is called a creek?
Our view of "the world." 
This is "North America."
Just a small private island off the coast of the Palm Islands.
Palm Islands with the Sail (another famous hotel) and the Burj Khalifa in the background.

After this thrilling experience we returned to our hotel and moved into our room. D selected this hotel and I have to say, IT SURPASSED MY EXPECTATIONS.  The view from our balcony was absolutely stunning.

Caption - Engineer contemplating construction....

The fountain, located just in front of our hotel, gave us a spectacular performance several times each day. In Las Vegas, the Bellagio Hotel has a fountain created by the same company.  However the Dubai fountain has Bellagio beat, HANDS DOWN!

This evening we took a dinner cruise down the Dubai Creek on a fancy Dhow boat.  Nothing old about this ship. It was very pleasant and offered a much different view of the area.

After we returned to the hotel from the cruise, ML was tired and headed off to bed (I think she wanted to get online with her friends). D and I went up to the 63rd floor of the hotel and enjoyed the view from Neo's, the "highest bar in the world." Again, we were impressed.

We could not resist taking our photos on the balcony of our room.   

Tomorrow brings our desert safari. It is going to have to be pretty spectacular to beat our first day in Dubai.


Sunset our first evening. I counted 21 active construction cranes visible from our balcony.

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