Friday, March 6, 2015

Shock Felt Round the Globe

March 6, 2015

Shock waves are reverberating around the globe at the news! After five years, Donna Hale, employee extraordinaire, is leaving Washington FAMILY Magazine.  Ms. Hale, a pillar of stability and hard work at WFM, will be missed by all.

Ms. Hale, shown on the right, made a significant contribution of time and effort helping publisher Hyde with her relocation to the Middle East.
Her influence has been felt in all aspects of the magazine. She is the reason advertisers are kept happy, payments are posted, mail goes out, invoices are kept on track, proofs are completed and the staff is at ease knowing they don’t ever have to worry about a project when Donna’s on it.

Donna joined WFM on February 19, 2010 and was a major force in the magazine’s success from the very beginning. Her family also contributed - stories of her children inspired and motivated everyone.  Her kids are both in college now and doing wonderfully.  A testament to the great parents Donna and her husband Rick have been and continue to be.

Past publisher, Brenda Hyde dried her eyes upon learning the news and shared her heartfelt thoughts about Donna’s contribution. “We all benefited from Donna’s exceptionally strong work ethic, excellent skills and wonderful friendship.” Hyde sniffled and continued, “To say she will be missed is an extreme understatement. Things will never be the same at Washington FAMILY Magazine. Realizing Donna will no longer be there saddens me beyond description.”

A major effort by Hale involved clearing out the basement at Hyde's home in Virginia.
From Washington, DC to the Middle East, words of praise for Ms. Hale are pouring in.  It is apparent her departure from WFM will be a very big shock to the entire world - one that will take strength and determination for us to overcome.

Ms. Hale is taking her impressive skillset to a landscaping company in the busy Washington DC region.  We wish her the best and are trying not to be envious of how great her yard will look this summer. She will always be a part of our FAMILY.

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