Sunday, March 8, 2015

The World’s Cutest Bad Pictures

These are the cutest bad pictures I have ever taken in my entire life.

Just got off a Skype call with BHB and LW.  He has grown so much it is just amazing.

I tried so hard to take some cute pictures but my hand was not steady enough to hold both the iPad and my cell phone.  Besides, I was really excited.
Not a very good selfie with LW on Skype, but I tried. I was so excited.
The last time we tried to Skype, LW was nursing so we did not get to see him.  BHB sent some pictures, but that is not the same as seeing the little guy live. It has been 2 weeks since I have seen him live.

This call was so much fun. REALLY! It was just a hoot.

He even gave me one of those one-eyebrow looks like his Opa does.  SOOOOO CUTE!!

The one-eyebrow look like his Opa does. Hasn't he grown? WOW!
He is reaching out and trying to grab stuff. BHB says he has grabbed her hair already.

He is reaching for his Oma. He wants me!!!!  xoxoxox He is so cute!
He weighs over 9 pounds so he is getting bigger.

Unfortunately D is still in his commute on the causeway from Saudi and he missed the call.  BHB says for us to call back when he gets home but it might be another hour.  I really hope they are able to take our call.

I just can’t wait to see little LW again!


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