Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Pretty Great Valentine’s Day

I enjoy Valentine’s Day because it gives you the opportunity to tell those you love that care about them.

This year I tried to be proactive and get a few cards out early.  I didn’t know how busy I would be.  D told me that his card arrived in Bahrain the day before he left to come back to the States.  I guess I timed it pretty good.

However, this Valentine’s Day surpassed my expectations.

First D gave me two-dozen spectacular red roses even though we will be leaving in a few days.  What a splurge.  He obviously knows how much I just LOVE flowers.

The steaks in Bahrain aren’t really great so D wanted to find a good butcher shop in the area. After 15 minutes of research online, D found a local shop where we purchased some good-looking steaks for dinner. It was a great find.

In the afternoon, we took LW for his first outing to the beach.  Although it was too windy to go down on the sand, we strolled in the shoreline park and enjoyed some delicious ice cream at Kilwin’s with his mom and dad. 

LW wore his camouflage outfit that I bought him before he was born.  I am proud to say I gave him his first camouflage. He looked ready to go hunting alligator with is dad.
And, the big treat of this Valentine’s Day was in the evening.  BHB and her hubby, RB made reservations at their favorite local (close to home) restaurant.  D and I babysat for their first evening out.  IT WAS A BIG TREAT FOR US.

I gave LW his first lesson from the flash cards I made for him.  The cards are pictures of his family including D and I.  I hope he looks at them often so he will remember what his Oma and Opa look like.
Going over our flash cards for the first time. It may not appear he is paying attention, but he was. After all, he is brilliant.
Comparing hairlines with Opa.
The only negative of the entire day was the thought I kept having that in 48 hours I will be gone for at least 6 months.  But I am extremely happy that I have had this opportunity to be here and enjoy this life-changing event in the life of my daughter. 

I am going to miss BHB, RB and LW. I am certainly going to miss being LW's Oma. I hope they don’t have any problems and all goes well for RB and BHB. RB is a very supportive husband and father so I know he will be there for her....but I will miss them desperately!

I wish I could stay longer however; it is time to go back to my role as the supportive spouse in Bahrain. That’s a pretty GREAT job as well.

Having D here at the beach with me for a few days was special and I loved every minute. We have one more day to pack up and prepare for the long journey back (7,000 miles) the sand box.  We have one more dinner at BHB’s house and one more evening cuddling LW.  I can’t wait!



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