Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My New Babysitting Gig

I had a great day today and I just could not go to sleep without sharing.

Actually this has been a great week and looks to get better.  Tomorrow D arrives here from Bahrain to spend a few days getting to know his grandson, LW.  

I can’t wait for D to arrive. I will be driving to Orlando tomorrow to meet his plane.

Earlier this week I shared this photo with my good friend ES.  ES gave LW the turtle light in the picture.  His nursery is decorated in “ocean” d├ęcor so the turtle fits right in.  When the light hits the ceiling it looks like you are under water.  It is very unique and he seems to love it.

His blanket comes from DW in Manama, Bahrain. It is a favorite of his moms.
LW also had his first intellectual experience this week. We sat him in his bouncy chair with toys that hang in front.  He “accidentally” hit one of the toys and immediately his attention was on the bright toys Obviously he is brilliant -- takes after his Oma.

In this photo he looks like he is trying to figure out how it works.  He might just be an engineer in the making.  

My daughter AJ drove down to Vero Beach from Jacksonville a few days ago to meet LW.  We had a very nice visit. She fell head over heels for LW.
AJ and I on the beach.
And, then there is today.

Most of us who are mom's will at one time or another, give up something of our own for our children. That is just the way it is, the kids come first.

Here is an example. My daughter BHB has had the most beautiful nails for as long as I can remember. My own nails have never been that good. Especially when I was publishing. I would pound on my computer keyboard all day and my nails suffered. 

BHB told me she was considering giving up her regular manicures now that she had a new baby and probably would not have time to go to the nail salon on a regular basis.

I did not want that to happen so I offered to babysit so she could get her nails done today.  It was her first outing and LW’s first time away from his mom, if only for a few minutes.

Getting the car seat and the stroller inside the car was no easy chore. Baby gear is completely different today. 

Since BHB had a c-section, she could not lift anything to help me. So I struggled a bit. I am sure BHB would have it in and out in seconds.  UGHHH.

The stroller is quite the engineering achievement. Great for running or walking!

LW's first shopping experience at Sam's Club.  His mom is practicing buying in bulk for when he is older.
At the nail salon, I dropped BHB off and parked under a tree nearby where LW slept in his car seat and I wrote some of this blog on my phone.
He is so cute. His little newborn clothes are still big on him.  His left hand and his feet always seem to make it up inside the clothes. He keeps the right hand out but the left is still drawn up so perhaps he is right handed.
I held my breath that he would sleep the whole time and I would not have to take the car seat out. 

BHB and I stayed in contact with texts.  They went like this:

BHB -- Still sleeping?

B—Prefers movement of car but still sleeping. (sent the picture above)

BHB – Looks like he is out cold!

B – Some people walked by the car and he stirred.

BHB – Fed him at 1 so I know when I come out he’ll probably be hungry.

B – Ok. If he wakes up I will tell him we will drive by and pick up lunch.

BHB – Still sleeping?

B – Yep!

BHB – Ok good.

B – Stirred a bit so I rolled up the windows and started the engine.

BHB – Awake or still out?

B – Still asleep, I am doing a great job of babysitting. Wait. Must be that you prepared him well. :-) 

AND THEN MY PHONE RANG!  It was a good call and luckily LW did not even move when the phone made the loud ringing noise.  

D was calling and wanted to Skype so we connected and I let him see LW sleeping.  It was so cute. D kept saying, “Don’t wake him.” 

Then BHB started texting again.

BHB – Probably 10 more minutes

B – Ok, all well here.

BHB – Getting ready to pay.

BHB – Thanks for going shopping today with me. It was nice getting out of the house!

So my first assignment to babysit was a success.  And, on top of that – IT WAS GREAT FUN.

I took this inside the car.  In the far middle of the picture is LW's reflection in a mirror positioned so you can see him in his car seat when you are driving. Cool invention. I love all these new things for moms!
The view in the driver's rear view mirror.
After we got home (and LW ate – he was starved) I spent some time talking to him and cuddling. He told me he had a great day and enjoyed being out on the town with his Oma.

I hope he sleeps well for BHB tonight - that would be a cherry on top of the cake. 

This was certainly a great day!


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