Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What Is Good Coffee?

Alert: This blog is not exciting.  I just had to write it.

However, if you want to scroll to the end, there is a nice sunrise photo.

HERE GOES -- Sometimes you have something you just need to say to someone.

I am still staying in Florida helping BHB with the new baby and having a blast.

Yesterday I rocked LW to sleep in the rocker we gave to Brittany. This was same rocker her dad and I used many, many nights to rock her to sleep when she was a baby. I nursed her for hours in this great rocker. The simple experience of rocking LW to sleep brought back so many wonderful memories. I remember all the songs and rhymes I used to sing to BHB so many years ago.
But when I go home to my little beach condo at night, I am alone. Fortunately D comes next week to meet the baby - YIPPEE! YIPPEE! I can not wait!

For now it is lonesome and sometimes I want to talk to someone. Because of the time difference D is already in bed and it is in the middle of the night in Bahrain -- so I am alone.

This gives me time to think.  That can be dangerous.

You will never guess what came to my mind last night.  Coffee!

My new coffee pot finally was delivered and I have been using it for several days.  It is awesome! I love it.

My new coffee machine makes great coffee. I sip my morning coffee from the adorable cup my granddaughter MV gave me for Christmas. Drinking my morning coffee is double the fun because of the great memories associated with the cup.
The new coffee pot makes great coffee.

So I searched my computer for pictures I have of my coffee history.  Here are some visuals of coffee over the past year. It seems to be a theme for me. I do love coffee.

The instant coffee in Santorini did not deter us from having a fabulous time.
Our coffee with fresh pomegranate juice was a new experience (and wonderful) in Istanbul.
A real surprise was the terrific coffee we had at a sidewalk cafe in Athens. We sipped coffee along with fresh greek yogurt and warm honey. AMAZING!
I must have inherited my love of coffee from my mom.  Here she is having her morning Joe watching her two great grandkids play tennis while we were at the beach a few years back.
Our coffee maker in Manama, Bahrain is not quite as good as my new pot in Vero Beach.  We bring bags of Starbucks to grind from the US in our luggage. It's still not the best coffee. The cup shown here was a gift from BHB after her honeymoon to the Arctic Circle.
I love to sit and sip coffee on the beach while enjoying a great sunrise.

Sunrises on the East Coast are nice. Maybe there are not quite as dramatic as the sunsets on the West Coast, but they are very nice.
So, let this blog be a good morning wish to you.

Whatever your morning routine is, I hope you sit back and enjoy life.


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