Friday, February 13, 2015

First Visit

Ok, I will admit I knew I would have tears when D arrived and met LW for the first time, but I was not prepared for the intense feelings created in my heart when they first met.

It was so very, very sweet.

There is a strong connection between D and LW because they have the same middle name. BHB named LW after her daddy.

LW is the fourth generation to carry the W in his name.  D's initials are DWH.

So DW and LW will always have that strong connection.  And, last night that connection was made face to face.

After flying all the way from Manama, Bahrain, D finally met his daughter’s son, LW.  Life continues.

D's first impressions of his grandson were very close to mine when the little guy was born 18 days ago.

“He is so tiny and so alert.”

To make things really fun, BHB has named us Opa and Oma.

Today, Opa and Oma have offered to babysit during the afternoon so BHB can take a much-needed nap.  Just like a typical new mom, she is trying to do it all and keep her pre-birth schedule of daily chores.  I keep telling her, “Sleep when the baby sleeps.”

We will just have to see if she follows mother’s orders.

DWH and LWB connecting.

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